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Warm River: Beauty in the late evening light

Warm River

A few days ago I posted Tunnel Vision. This is a view the other direction. A beautiful view overlooking Warm River. This is another image that seems to have grown on me. Originally I was not real fond of the image, but over time it has become a favorite. The low-resolution internet version does not do it justice. You really need to see the print in person.

The fog began moving in the canyon as the light diminished and became quite a remarkable sight. The blue from the sky became the light source and created an interesting, almost surreal palette to the scene. The long exposure (20 seconds) created a soft, smooth flow of the river wandering through the image from left to right. The blue of the sky reflected off the water and nicely contrasts with the reds and yellows of the fall foliage along its banks. Everything seemed to work out just right, and I happen to be in a place at the right time to create the photograph. Timing is everything in landscape photography.

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