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Best of 2010

Foggy Morning, Redfish Lake

Selecting a favorite image for this past year is difficult. I have made a lot of new photographs in a lot of different places. I have been to Hawaii, up and down the Oregon Coast, Bear Lake, Stanley Basin and numerous other locations and have photographed in all kinds of weather. To try to pick one favorite photograph is nearly impossible. If I were forced to pick, today I would probably pick the one above, Foggy Morning, Redfish Lake. Tomorrow I might pick a different image, so I am posting a few more of my favorites below. I would love to hear which images are your favorites!

Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Tide Pool, Yachats, Oregon

Coming Ashore

Floating Rock, Yachats, Oregon


Rocky Shoreline, 408 Trail, Yachats, Oregon

Sweet Creek


Simply Blue

Ocean Waves

Revisiting An Unfinished Work


The Connector

I have started many things in my life, some of which have never been completed. This image, taken along the Boise River Greenbelt is part of one of those unfinished projects. I began this project more than 15 years ago, shooting Kodak Tri-X film in my Super Speed Graphic 4×5 camera. I was about 15 images into the series when life took over. I was working at the time as a custom printer in a professional photo lab and at the same time starting up Moffett Photography, a high end portrait studio. I also had 2 young boys and another on the way. Life seemed to get in the way of my personal projects. I put this one on the back-burner, thinking that some day I would get back to it. Years past, I made the switch to digital imaging and I have never got back to this project.

Of all of my unfinished photography projects, this one keeps nagging at me to finish it. I am currently working on three projects, two of which are nearing completion. As I wrap up those two, I am thinking that the Greenbelt series may be back on the table, at least in the exploratory phase. I may even break out the old cameras and continue the project on film. I will be exploring all options.

Stay tuned…


Reflections, Lake Cascade

Reflections, Lake Cascade

This is a time of year for reflecting. Find the things that went well over the past year, no matter how big or small, and celebrate! Look at what went well and why, then set new goals for more successes to come. Focusing on the positives is very important. It is natural to want to focus on the negatives, the things that went wrong or need improvement, but this can get depressing fast! I find that by using positive energy, the things that went wrong tend to take care of themselves. Make this a happy time and be positive, set goals and plan to succeed instead of making resolutions that will inevitably fail.

Fog in the Stanley Basin

Valley Creek

Why is fog so intriguing? I hate to drive in it. It makes life miserable, yet when it rolls in I am the first one out to photograph it!

On my last trip into the Stanley Basin, before the snow flew, I was treated to for every morning. It was beautiful. I awoke before sunrise and headed from camp toward Stanley Lake. As we descended into the valley, a thick layer of fog met us. The further we went, the thicker it became. Photographing on the fringes was incredible, but as we drove into the thick of it, it became so dense that it was impossible to see anything. This image is just as we hit the edge of it, looking downstream towards Stanley.

The fog creates a depth in a photograph that cannot be obtained any other way. There is also a mysteriousness about an image made in the fog. You cannot see clearly what is in the distance, and at least for me, it leaves me wondering what is hidden in the unseen depths of the photograph. I search and search, unable to make out what is there.

Merry Christmas!

Frosty Morning

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season! My posting may be sporadic over the next week or so as I celebrate Christmas and New Years with family and friends. I hope to get out and photograph a couple of times this next week and I will post new images as I do, so keep checking back, and I will resume regular posts after the holidays.