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Reflections, Martin Lake

Every year I give a reflections assignment to my photography class, so on a camping trip with 2 of my boys I decided to shoot the assignment myself. One morning I walked down to the lake at sunrise and found the water so smooth I could hardly tell the reflection from the actual trees. I don’t see that very often around here where the wind seems to always blow.I watched the shoreline as I walked and found this one round clump of grass a short way out. It was perfect to break up the composition wherein all of the lines were leading away. It became the “resting place” for my eyes. This resting place is so important in the composition of a photograph. Without a place for the eye to pause, an image like this would be busy and uninteresting, very hard to look at. With this clump of grass, my eye follows the line back into the image, almost out of the frame and then is pulled back in. It creates a circular motion with a pause. Thoughtful composition is just one of many things that can help improve your photographs.

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New Print of the Month

The April Print of the Month is now available at the MoffettGallery.com website. This month’s image, “Circle of Life,” is a 13″x13″ black and white image, matted to 20″x20″ on white museum board. This image can be purchased during the month of April for only $195 (over a 30% savings)! At an edition of only 50 prints, this investment will surely appreciate in value over the years.

Circle of Life

Circle of Life

While on a trip to the Oregon Coast last summer, Christeena and I were exploring an area near Canon Beach when this hillside caught my attention. I love the diagonal lines created by the dark green foliage in the foreground contrasting the light tones of the larger, older and dying trees rising out of their midst. Just as these younger trees are beginning to crowd out the older generation and provide new life to the forest, I see our children rising up, often thanklessly pushing the older generation aside and trying to claim their ground. Often , I think they forget the protection that these wise, more experienced elders have provided as they grow.