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Workshops and Classes

Vision: Learning To See Creatively

June 29-July 1, 2015  Yachats, Oregon

$650  Early Registration Only $495

A photograph begins with vision. Personal vision. Without personal vision, our photographs will just be pretty pictures, lacking in depth and meaning. In this three day workshop in Yachats, Oregon we focus on developing and expanding our personal and creative vision. The camera does not see the same way that our eyes see, and learning to view the world as a camera does can not only enhance our photography but our everyday life as well.

The Central Oregon Coast is the one of the most photogenic places on the planet. In three days, we will explore and photograph in very diverse environments, from wild and angry ocean waves to very calm waters on sandy beaches. We will also photograph in the forests of the Pacific Coast Range where we will find some waterfalls just a few miles inland.

The Adobe Resort, our home for the duration of the workshop, is just off the 804 Trail, which provides many very scenic views of the Pacific shoreline within walking distance of the hotel. Yachats is just 20 miles south of Yaquina Bay (Newport) and just 14 miles north of  the Haceta Head Lighthouse, one of the most photographed lighthouses on the coast.

For more information or to register, call us at 208-880-5382 or email at info@moffettphoto.com.

Heart of the Sawtooths

Date TBA


This three day workshop will focus on the fundamentals of creative landscape photography. The rugged Sawtooth Mountains in Central Idaho offer no lack of photographic opportunities. From high mountain lakes to rivers and streams, trees, forests and wildlife, there is something for everyone. From the workshop perspective, we will focus on techniques to improve and refine our vision, camera and editing skills as it relates to outdoor photography. Mornings and evenings will be spent in the field making photographs while the afternoons will be spent discussing our experiences and focusing on both camera and editing techniques in an attempt to master our craft. This workshop has limited seating to ensure plenty of one to one time with the instructor.

Mini Workshop Series

These very informal workshops are held twice a month at different locations with varying topics or themes to be explored at each workshop. Typically, we will meet approximately one and a half hours prior to sunset for evening workshops or 45 minutes prior to sunrise for morning workshops. There will be some discussion, instruction and collaboration and then we will photograph during the “Sweet Light.”  Available space in these workshops is limited to ensure plenty of one-on-one instruction. Topics of upcoming workshops include landscape, architecture, street photography, portraiture, personal vision, and more. Feel free to contact us with what you would like to see in a workshop!

One-To-One Workshops

These four hour, individual workshops are aimed at working on the finer points of composition, camera controls and developing personal vision. Prior to the workshop date, we will visit about where you are in your photographic journey and what it is that you would like to accomplish. Together we will determine the best locations to visit in order to meet your goals. All One-To-One Workshops include three image critiques ($45.00 Value). One-To-One Workshops are available in many locations throughout Idaho, Oregon and Utah. Contact us at 208-880-5382 or at info@moffettphoto.com for more information or to schedule your workshop.


Portfolio Reviews

Portfolio reviews are a necessary part of the learning process of photography. We are often too close to our own work to be able to look at it objectively, and that is where a mentor or reviewer comes in to play. Looking at a set of work as an “outsider,” one who is not emotionally attached to the work, can often help an artist recognize the direction that the work is headed, or maybe see where it should be headed. A portfolio review can help us see our strengths and focus more on those, thus creating even more meaningful work.

One hour portfolio reviews can be in person or via telephone. For in person reviews, bring up to 15 images and an artist statement with you. We will discuss images both individually and how they work as a cohesive portfolio. For those unable to come in person due to distance, image files (up to 15), preferably high resolution, can be emailed or prints can be mailed. At a predetermined time, I will call you and we can spend up to one hour discussing the work, just like we would if you were in person. All portfolio reviews include three future individual image critiques as follow-up.

Call us at 208-880-5382 or email to schedule your portfolio review.