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Roads End State Park, Lincoln City, Oregon


What began as a documentary project exploring the water/land interaction along the Pacific Coast in Oregon has become a much deeper and more personal project. Color and its ability to affect the mood and feeling conveyed in a photograph is very evident in this portfolio. Each image, whether it be warm and inviting, cool and calm or turbulent and exciting is an attempt to put a piece of myself and what I am feeling at the time the image is created into my work.


Water intrigues me. In one environment you will find it gentle, smooth, quiet and beautiful. In another it is fierce, loud and powerful. There is not much that portrays these differences more than waterfalls. Standing at the base, the impact zone as I call it, of a large waterfall flowing at maximum capacity in the height of spring runoff and within seconds you are sopping wet from the violent spray. Compare that to the gentle. silky flow of a small cascading waterfall in autumn and you not only see, but feel the difference. I don’t often seek out waterfalls to photograph, but I do relish the moments when in my journey I pass them by.

Silent Solitude

Silent Solitude is a portfolio of images created around Lake Lowell, on the Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge. Lake Lowell is a small reservoir less than ten minutes from where I live, and I often find myself there when I feel the need to photograph but I have little time before nightfall. The reservoir, built primarily for irrigation purposes, now used also for recreational purposes, is often recognized by locals as not such a “pretty” place, yet to me, all places have their unique characteristics and beauty. Lake Lowell is no different. Countless hours have been spent photographing, searching for the “inner beauty” of this recreational hub that lies just outside the city limits. It has become a refuge for me from the chaotic life in the city that lies just a few short miles away.

Forests and Trees

Having grown up on the Wasatch Front in Northern Utah, I developed a love of the mountain forests at an early age. I felt protection from the towering trees surrounding me. The mystery of what was hiding deep in a densely populated grove of trees intrigued me. Understanding the vital role that trees play in our existence still excites me.

Western Landscape

My journey through life has taken me to many destinations, but I always return to my roots in the west. I feel that a photographer’s most compelling images will come from subject matter that they are familiar with… places they call home. For me, that is in the Western United States. I grew up in Utah and have lived most of my adult life in Idaho, only about 30 miles from the Oregon border. The photographs in this portfolio are primarily from these three states, the places I have called home.


The landscape within the landscape, or as I like to call them, Intimate Landscapes. This portfolio of images focuses on the little things that we often overlook in our hurried lifestyles, the elements of the larger picture. Slowing down and being observant allows us to see the beauty of things that often are thought of as ordinary or insignificant.