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Evening at the Lake

Evening at the Lake

It is amazing to me how the same place can look so different nearly every day. I have photographed from Gotts Point on Lake Lowell numerous times, yet different result every time. Sometimes it is the light and atmosphere, other times it is me and my attitude. How we think affects our vision, and when shooting from our hearts, that will affect the images we make. Finding my vision has been a lifelong quest for me, and I find that even though I may have developed a consistent style, my vision changes daily. What I am feeling is what my photographs become.

Snowstorms and Rainbows


Rainbow in the snow

A week and a half ago, Christeena and I spent the weekend in Cascade and McCall just relaxing and enjoying life. No pressing plans, just regrouping and getting ready for the next wave of action at the Moffett house. It proved to be a much needed break. While in Cascade, we drove, or should I say skated around the lake. The roads were iced over and even with my new studded snow tires we did more sliding than driving! I enjoyed the drive while Christeena became a nervous wreck, as she thought that every time we slid a little we were going to end up stuck in a snowbank or in the lake. I probably would have been the same had I been in the passenger seat. I’m sure it didn’t help matters when I was paying attention to the scenery, looking for photo opportunities more than watching the road!

As we rounded a bend and had a great view of the frozen lake, the snow was blowing and then the sun attempted to peak through the clouds, and as it did this rainbow appeared. I don’t ever recall seeing a rainbow in the middle of a snowstorm before. It was quite the sight. I got out in the storm to photograph this interesting phenomenon. The above image is the result.


Sweet Creek

Fall on Sweet Creek

A short hike up Sweet Creek in the Fall is a wonderful sight. Even with the lower water levels, the water cascading down the mountain is incredible. I walked about a one mile stretch and lost count of how many little waterfalls I found. If you ever get the chance, this is definitely one hike you must take. I have made this same trek in the late Spring, and oh, how different it is. Water levels high and running so fast that it is nearly impossible to photograph well. It is just a mass of whitewater from top to bottom. In the Fall I was able to get right down to the waters edge and really explore. I like to photograph from within the image, using wide angle lenses instead of from a distance. When I can really feel the image I am better able to photograph it with emotion. It is not just about framing up a pretty picture, for me it is about experiencing the scene and then reproducing what I feel. Sometimes it is a small detail, others the grand vista. But always it includes my feelings.