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New Exhibit!

Sunset Over The Great Salt Lake
Sunset Over The Great Salt Lake

This is a new image that is included in my exhibit that I just finished hanging at Satchel’s in Downtown Boise. It will be up through the month of August. I have titled this show “Fragments” as it is pieces of 3 larger series of photographs. The space at Satchel’s is brokenup, so it really lends itself to showing 3 distinctly different types of images. I have included a few of my more recent color images, some black and white’s and because it is July I added some fun firework abstracts. It is an interesting mix, but works well in the space.

Print of the Month

The month is more than half over and I haven’t put our print of the month up here yet! It has been available on the Gallery website, just not announced here. Things have been crazy with the end of school for the kids and the summer kicking into high gear already that I have just neglected this space a bit. Anyway, these prints are available at a discounted price for one month only, or less if the edition sells out. These are printed in editions of only 50 prints, half the size of our regular editions, which mean you get an even better value. Not only 30% off, but fewer prints as well! This is a 19×13 image and comes matted to 24×20 for only $195. Remember, there are only 50 of them, so they will go fast!. Order your by calling us at 208-465-4931 or by logging on to www.moffettgallery.com to order online.

Sunset, Lake Lowell

This month’s featured image is Sunset, Lake Lowell. As Christeena and I were walking along the shore of the lake late this past spring, I was intrigued with the warm light reflecting off the top of the waves at sunset. The simpleness of the composition and color are very inviting and interesting to me. This image is really all about color and the play between the cool of the sky and the warmth of the sunset.