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Floating Stone In Blue

Every image has a story. I love an evening walk along the 804 trail. Listening to the sounds of the ocean, breathing the fresh coastal air, it is so refreshing. This is where I go to renew my inner passions. This image was made while on one of those walks. As my wife and daughter were scanning the horizon for breaching whales, I was in my own little world, just me and the ocean. We were all successful that evening. They saw their whales (I was completely oblivious of them) and I made this photograph. There are so many ways to look at an image, but for me, in this image, I see a large, stable stone rising above the turbulence of the ocean waves.  It took patience, knowledge and experience to create this. Patience, waiting for the right wave interactions to expose the sand in the foreground and still show the turbulence in the ocean, seemingly swallowing up the smaller rocks in the foreground and lifting the large stone further out to sea. Knowledge of equipment and experience with the ocean to get the settings and composition just right to show the water, land and rock interactions in a visually stimulating way. We, like the large stone, can rise above the turbulent forces in our lives that seem to be trying to drown us at times. Persistence, education and experience are amazing forces that can counter the negative forces that surround us.

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